About Me

Lecturing on collegiate writing and citizenship, Alcorn State University, 2017.

I’m an Associate Dean at the United States Military Academy, where I have served as the founding Director of our Writing Fellows Program (2012), Mounger Writing Center (2013), and the cross-curricular West Point Writing Program (2016). I have also taught extensively in the Academy’s Department of English and Philosophy. I arrived at West Point in July 2012 from Johns Hopkins, where I earned my Ph.D. in English and directed the JHU Writing Center for four years (2008-2012).

My research and teaching interests include American literature, especially in the nineteenth-century; composition, pedagogy, and writing program administration; the history of reading practices, canon formation, and the university; and the relation of the ‘public humanities’ to conceptions of activism and social justice. I regularly teach courses in composition and literature as well as the two seminars I’ve designed for our Writing Fellows Program, “Writing Process and Pedagogy” and “Advanced Writing Pedagogy.”

I’m presently working to complete the manuscript for my first scholarly book, which explores how a handful of major nineteenth-century women writers (Mary Moody Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Emily Dickinson, and Alice James) sought to set themselves apart from contemporaries and realize their own singular versions of literary achievement. They did so, I argue, by cultivating an “antinomian sociability” that has broad implications for how we understand the literary and social networks of their milieus, and how we reckon with the tangled legacies of New England Puritanism and American exceptionalism.

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